Artificial Intelligence is coming for the music industry, and fast. Just look at its impact on the creative communities already, with artists, authors, and actors and the Hollywood strikes highlighting the threat of unauthorized use of their works, and likelihoods, in AI generated content. At the heart of all of these battles and lawsuits is a common concern: the rights of the human creators behind them, and how to fairly compensate, credit, and protect original works.  

It’s no wonder that the music industry is following suit. Music businesses, such as labels, distributors, streaming services, and product software companies are eager to innovate with AI to stay competitive and take advantage of the new revenue opportunities that come with it. Artists are always looking for new ways to get creative in composition and production, and of course, make more money. They all want the inevitable and impending AI generated sounds and music to sound great. And everyone knows that giving proper credit and attribution to the artists and original works will be critical. 

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of—an artificial music intelligence and attribution platform for artists and orginal works to the enterprise music industry. brings transparency and fairness to AI music revenue distribution and is on a mission to help the music business enter the AI music era ethically and profitably. Today, the platform delivers three core capabilities: Custom AI Model Training, Prompts for spurring creativity, and most critically… Attribution

As the first AI platform to enable attribution for original works in every AI training model and output, we believe that this will be a game changer for not only the music industry, but for the conversation on AI as a whole. Let’s dig into how it works… 

Integrity and Authenticity in AI Music 

GenAI generations, including music, are only ever as good as the music it is trained on.  Garbage in?  Garbge out.  Without great human art as input, great output will not happen.  To us, this means that it is crucial for the humans influencing the output, their “Creative DNA” to beat a very minimum, recognized.  

We’ve heard companies say that their generative outputs are entirely creative.  Completely new things that should stand on their own merits.  We agree!  However, the Creative DNA as inputs must be recognized.  And how do you recognize it?  Attribution.  

Proper attribution then becomes both a challenge and a requirement.  Enter SOMMS.AI.  

We have fixed that problem.  We’re pleased to announce the launch of SOMMS.AI for music.  

The core purpose of SOMMS.AI is to provide clear attribution for music, honoring the Creative DNA for every piece of content generated through our platform.  

Our customers – rights holders – train in our infrastructure.  We provide them with APIs as a result.  And with every generation requested via API, whether in our infrastructure and interfaces, or in that of other companies built on top of us, we can show with mathematical precision which object in the model influenced the resulting generation.  

There’s been a misconception in the industry that achieving exact mathematical attribution is an insurmountable challenge.  This is plainly wrong.  It is not true.  While perfection in mathematical attribution remains a goal that we will relentlessly build towards, our system already surpasses existing models (like PROs) in accuracy and reliability. 

Attribution is hard, but it is a necessary step in music.  Because of this announcement, and our very existence, many companies will follow suit.  They’ll integrate us in their platforms or try and build their own.  This is a _good_ thing for the industry.  

But it also highlights the strength of our team, and the core message we have for our customers and the music industry.  We are music, and industry first.   

We invite industry experts, artists, and enthusiasts to explore SOMMS.AI and witness firsthand the advancements we’ve made in attribution technology.  Feedback is invaluable, and we’re looking forward to working with our customers to refine and improve our system, and create the best Artificial Music Intelligence platform in the world.