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At Techstars AI in Montreal, James Maxwell and Nicolas Gonzalez Thomas founded their company in the generative AI music landscape – years before Gen.AI became a household term – with James holding a Ph.D. in AI music and Nicolas equipped with a master’s in the same field. Their venture and deep expertise in Music AI caught the attention of Sean Power, a seasoned startup veteran and mentor at Techstars AI. 

A few years later they reconnected to start a new venture, Sean brought in Matt Adell, a stalwart in music tech – having lead Beatport to a successful acquisition as CEO – to further enhance the company’s direction and depth. With this foundational the teams leadership, this union of academic excellence, technical infrastructure skill, and music industry know-how led to the evolution of SOMMS.AI, poised to bring clarity and precision to the realm of AI-generated music

Start Implementing AI Music Today

With SOMMS.AI, you gain access to precise generative AI music algorithms designed for clear attribution.  Our platform gives you a full audit trail of your base models, upon which our enhanced musical generation capabilities are built on.  If you’re an enterprise music product owner or founder looking for catalog expansion, or want to license a model built on your catalog, our solutions are tailored for specifically for you.

Our Mission

To focus exclusively on artificial music intelligence with transparent attribution, ensuring every sound origin is traceable and acknowledged.  Using cutting-edge technology, we unlock the potential of Generative AI Music in a manner that uplifts musicians, respects rights holders, and unlocks creativity for every music maker.

Our Vision

To ensure that AI not only complements but elevates human creativity in music, grounded in technical accuracy and respect for artists and writers.

Our Values

Integrity: Ethical sourcing and handling of music inventory, ensuring original compositions are acknowledged and respected. 

Innovation: Continuously refine our customer models to meet customer needs.

Collaboration: Engage with both technology and music communities, to ensure that we are constantly working with the industry, never against it.

Matt Adell

Matt Adell


Former – VP Music and Product at MusicNow (Sold to AOL), VP Music and Product at Napster (Sold to Best Buy), CEO at Beatport (Sold to SFX), CEO & Founder at MetaPop (Sold to Native Instruments).  Techstars Music Mentor & Musician

Dr. James Maxwell, Ph.D.

Dr. James Maxwell, Ph.D.


Doctor of Philosophy: Cognitive Modeling for Computer-Assisted Composition at Simon Fraser University.  Composer of classical concert music and music for contemporary dance, theatre, film, and media.  Techstars AI Alumnus & Musician

Sean Power

Sean Power


Former CEO & co-founder at Repable.  Alum: CoTweet (acquired by, PostRank (acquired by Google), Coradiant (acquired by BMC), Dishcrawl (Sold to Culinary Events) & MTV Europe. Published Author (O’Reilly Media), Techstars AI Mentor & Musician

Nicolas Gonzalez Thomas

Nicolas Gonzalez Thomas


Master’s Degree, Machine Learning and Music Computational Creativity at Simon Fraser University.  Research assistant in Interactive Music Generation at Simon Fraser UniversityTechstars AI Alumnus & Musician.  

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SOMMS.AI creates generative AI solutions for the Enterprise Music Industry. Our custom models are built only on our clients’ music and every generation includes accurate attribution. 


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